AnglerSECRET is a business division of Enjo Sports Inc, dedicated to providing customers the best suitable products that improve fishermen experience and boost customer profitability. Our business doctrine is to assist our customers to expand in their market so as to have a mutually beneficial cooperation.

We carry complete range of fishing tackle, and export to customers all over the world, with our major market in North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.
We're experienced in working closely with our esteemed customers in the sport fishing industry and are persistently developing products that won consumer favor and at the same time boost the bottom line of our business partners.

Our R&D designers and engineers have multiple years of design expertise, and customization projects are highly welcome besides our existing models.

With AnglerSECRET, you get:

Strong R&D Capability: Our experienced team of designers and engineers work closely with veteran anglers and are able to put forward new products in short interval that fit for fishing in different water and target fishes.

All Round Service: We provide OEM, ODM, and OBM service. AnglerSECRET carries great variety of reels for your selection, while your customization needs are highly welcome. We are experienced working with famous brand names on joint-development projects.Manufacture against sample provided, or development basing on your idea is what we're skilled at. 

Great Product Variety: We offer complete range of products for different fishing situation and technique. Our items covers complete range of:             
 including fly reels, spinning reels/fixed spool, bait-cast reels, trolling reels, jigging reels, spincast reels, etc.;
LURES/BAITS: including crankbaits, stick baits (minnow, pencil), lipless vibration lures, poppers, swim baits (multi-section), jigging lures (lead fish) for big game fishing, spinning/spoon, frogs, mice, and insects for bass fishing, ice fishing lures, and premium soft baits;
RODS: including rods of one or two piece in every structure like casting, spinning, and fly, for saltwater, freshwater, big game and bass fishing etc.

Premium Quality at Affordable Cost: AnglerSECRET attach great importance to product quality. We exert strict standard for each steps of manufacturing, right from product design, CNC-machining and/or cast-forging, injection molding quality, anodization/painting/ electrophoresis. 

Professional Customer Service & Quick Response: AnglerSECRET team are experienced professionals with over decades of international business practice. We well understand business etiquette and cultural/conventional difference between countries/cultures. And all our associates speak fluent English so you can easily communicate with us without ambiguity. Your inquiries will be swiftly responded within 12 hours in working day.