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 MS1608 & MS1610 & MS1616 Shallow Plastic 6 Segments Multisection Lure 

Product Specification:

ITEM# Swimming Depth (m) Length (cm) Weight(g) w/hook
MS1608 0-2 8.5 10.7
MS1610 0-2 10.5 20
MS1616 0-2 15.24 58

Product Features:

Soft-jointed hard baits
* The 6 segment construction allows the most incredible, life-like finishes, unlike anything seen before.
* With bionic and  bright color design, the lure will attract the strike easily
* 3D eyes and 3D  scale texture presents lifelike appearance of a forage fish.
* With ABS body, the lure is rugged to sustain strong pull tension
Natural and attractor colors make this lure a must have.

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