AnglerSECRET PP0307 & PP0310 & PP0315 top water popper presente lifelike swimming action, and poppe obvious goggling sound when jerking that attracts target fish.


The good looking appearance and  the quality finishing of the lures make the fishing lures very popular among professional anglers.

                PP0307 & PP0310 & PP0315 Top Water Popper

Product Specification:

ITEM# Swimming Depth (m) Length (cm) Weight(g) w/hook
PP0307 Surface 7 8.8
PP0310 Surface 10 21
PP0315 Surface 15 45

Product Features:

Tailed center of gravity that achieve perfect floating angle
Popping obvious goggling sound when jerking that attracts target fish
* Fit for most game fish inhabiting shallow fresh water 
* 3D eyes and imitative scales on the whole body, coated with vivid color that lends vigor to the lure
* Adopts high strength 304 stainless steel figure "8" hangers and quality ABS body, the lure is rugged to sustain strong pull tension
*  Sharp and strong VMC treble hooks for quick penetration and hold

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