AnglerSECRET PP0408 & PP0410 top water popper presente lifelike swimming action, and irrisistable, immune-failure to most upper level predator fish.


The good looking appearance and  the quality finishing of the lures make the fishing lures very popular among professional anglers.

                      PP0408 & PP0410 Top Water Popper

Product Specification:

ITEM# Swimming Depth (m) Length (cm) Weight(g) w/hook
PP0408 Surface 8 14
PP0410 Surface 10 28

Product Features:

* The tailed center-of-gravity achieved perfect floating angle, thus the maximized splash and sound when stroked with rod
* Irrisistable, immune-failure to most upper level predator fish
* 3D eyes and imitative scales on the whole body, coated with vivid color that lends vigor to the lure
* Adopts high strength 304 stainless steel figure "8" hangers and quality ABS body, the lure is rugged to sustain strong pull tension
*  Sharp and strong VMC treble hooks for quick penetration and hold

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